living music


There are many ways to talk about the music we make, and how it lives or is living, but here’s a good place to begin: as an ensemble, we are committed to an exploration of sound and the voice as an instrument. Interested in reimagining musical and thespian forms, we take on music that leaps out of boxes to change shapes and spin into different possibilities in each new space it occupies. 


We sing from scores written by living and late composers who make living music — music that will not and cannot stay still; music that must express itself in a form that simultaneously pays its respects to history and reinvents its paths; music that pirouettes into new visions that contain dreams of the old. This is what that looks like: a polyphony of voices in tandem or phasing at any given moment, making sounds both old and new, familiar and not. And us on a stage, bearing witness and forging a path.

see us in action